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Here Are The Things You Need To Know About DIY Coron:

Meanwhile my Registration Form is down, as alternative please email the following at
1. Complete Name / How Many Are Joining
2. Joining Group or Exclusive Group?
3. Cellphone Number
4. Email Address
5. Arrival Airline
6. Busuanga Arrival Date & Time
7. Busuanga Departure Date & Time
8. Your Lodging In Coron, if any

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How Does DIY Coron System Works?

DIY Coron system works by 1) having your plane ticket first, 2) filling-up the Booking Form or Registration Form, 3) discussing the package or itinerary through email, 4) making the reservation deposit, 5) confirming the deposit and sending you an Initial Note, 6) one week before the trip date a FINAL NOTE will be issued, and 7) the trip proper.